The bonding process insures the thermal integrity of the interface between your system’s cooling assembly and the surface of the target, which experiences the most heat.

SCM provides a complete range of bonding services. Targets are sputter coated with two separate layers using an MRC Sputter Deposition System to match the expansion coefficient of the backing plate. Metallic bondings are available in various temperatures ranging from 150° to 225°C.

Please contact your SCM sales engineer for recommendations.

Types of Bonds

  • Indium Metal: SCM uses indium and indium based alloy materials for bonding. The melting temperatures for bonding materials range from 156°C to 225°C.
  • Silver Epoxy: For applications that require a significantly higher melting point than Indium, we can use a Silver loaded epoxy. Our Electrically Conductive Silver Epoxy is specially designed for target bonding.


Sizes and Shapes

We can easily bond most targets, in any size or shape. This includes round targets from 0.5” to 16” in diameter, rectangular targets from 1” x 1” to 10” x 60”, ‘Delta’ targets, and other custom shapes.


Inspection of Bonds

(Only on customer request): SCM, Inc. uses outside scanning and testing labs to assure high quality bonding. Our bonds are checked on the ultrasonic scanning system C-Scope. The C-Scope IM90 is an advanced digitally controlled scanning system that features Microsoft Windows. Applications include measuring the uniformity and quality of bonds, brazing, and adhesive joining of materials, and testing for material integrity. C-Scope is organized into three subsystems which are Scantank, Ultrasonic and scan control hardware and software and Plotter. The C-Scope IM90 uses precision digital ultrasonic instrumentation built on the IBM/AT compatible desktop computer platform and MS Windows.

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